Sunday, July 31, 2011

Monkies take over the Lake!

A couple of weeks ago, the girls and I went to the Ozarks, to spend some time at the lake. It was so super fun!

We spent time at the dock, where the babies swam and learned to fish. Lilly caught 3 Bluegill, and Violet caught one!

We also went out on a speed boat and a pontoon boat. Lilly and Sarah rode a tube behind the pontoon, and had SO MUCH FUN!!
We saw the trout hatchery, a spring that produces 20 million gallons of water a DAY, and Lilly rode an ATV with Sarah's Uncle Craig.
We loved Arkansas!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Independently Monkey.

I hope that this is proof of the sass I see on a daily basis now! A little bit of belly, a lot of attitude, and a smattering of, "Momma!!" Despite their continued insolence, I love them!

In a way, Jay and I feel like this was our first real Halloween with the bebes. It was definitely the first one where they were interactive in their costumes and pumpkins. Also, pumpkin is the word of the day, every day, for the past month.

As Thanksgiving is a week away, I've been trying to impress upon them that the word is "Turkey" (also known as: the bird is the word. DUH!) Monk is a little less resistant than Mini to this change, but it comes out sounding suspiciously like, "Cookie."

These were our personalized Halloween costumes of the year; Monk was Princess Minnie Mouse, just like her beloved stuffed animal, and Mini was a lion. Rawr!!

You may notice that Mini's costume is the same as last year, but there is a valid explaination... She was waaaaay too cutie in it!! I was about to convert the costume into a doggie, (one of Mini's favorite words) but I wanted her to try on the suit to make sure it still fit. What we found out was that it was even cuter than last year! Eventually, Mini decided to dress it up a little, with Monk's discarded tiara.

We have had a few of the fall sickies going around.. I know this picture is a little pitiful, but it is so ridiculously adorable!! Daddy Jay didn't feel all too well either, and they had the same hair-do.

Of course, we got to feeling better, and decided to take some promo pictures for PBR. Well, not really- but they would be fools not to want to use this face for their ad campaign!

Speaking of faces- can you believe this one!?!! Miss Sarah came to visit, and bought Monk this pretty lobster dress. We couldn't get the dang thing off of Monk for 4 DAYS!!!! Then she got a pretty girl makeover.. WOWZA!

Of course, Mini didn't want anyone to give HER a makeover, she'll do it HERSELF!!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Getting ready for a Monk-tastic Autumn!!

Obviously Mini is, at any rate. That day she insisted to wear her "hat" to Sonic night. I guess she wanted to make sure everyone witnessed her eye-searing cuties!!

And this little Monka here has entered her 2 2/3rds stage.. that entails no naps, no listening to Momma, no wanting to potty train, and no resistance to her cuties. Why would you resist her cuties anyways? Resistance is FUTILE!!!

We are thinking about finding a new house, and this was the girls choice. I assured them we need something with a little more space, or a bathroom! Seriously, though, we will probably stay in our neighborhood now, and just get a house that needs less work. As much as I shy away from change, it may be a good thing!

This is just a little more evidence of Monk's newfound impish personality. "Stick em up, give me all your Huggies and no one gets hurt!!" Mini would probably be charged as an accessory.

She's more into dumpster diving anyways! I can't keep that little scamp out of the fridge or the trash!! We call her Mini-Mini Fridgey-Raider.

Hey, at least she gets good eats from it! (HAHAHA, I'm kidding!!) This is just her learning to use a fork, and I assure you the food came from the FRIDGE, not the TRASH!

Ahh, last, a little peace and quiet. those two have been working on what would probably be defined as World-Class snuggles. Can't argue with that!!

We have another session in the battle with Emma's Mom this Friday, please keep us in your thoughts!!

Love Always,
Those crazy Evans'

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ode to new technology, Monkey-Style!

Yesterday was my 27th birthday, which means I am entering my 3rd official year as a Momma. As you can see, Daddy is pretty happy about that, but Monk may be a little incredulous. Personally I think it will be the very best year yet!

So does my crazy cutie Mini-Pants!!

I took these at my birthday breakfast, after being allowed to sleep in- and only woken up when I got my presents from my beaming children. They wrote cards for me, and Monk jumped on my head and threw hers at my face. That is LOVE!!

My darling dearest sweet Hubby-o-Mine bought me a laptop for my present, which is why the title to this post is pertinent! Not only is it amazing and top of the line, it has a SD card reader, so I was able to upload my pictures directly into the computer with no muss or fuss. How cool is that??

After that, he bought himself a new motorcycle- which is what the girls were longingly staring at out the window! Don't they cut the cutest figures ever?

Depending on the day, they are best friends or worst enemies. When Jess came to visit for our birthday this year, she sure found out! I think the sheer volume those two create together was her most daunting experience.

She had to come before our birthday, because her boyfriend Bill surprised her with a trip to Miami as her present. Where he subsequently proposed!!!! My money is on them eloping to Vegas, so don't start looking for your wedding invite in the mail!

We've had a lot of really big news in the family this month, the biggest being that the newlyweds, Chelsea and Chris are going to be having at least one of these:
So Congratualtions to those two lovebirds, and their bun in the oven!!! They'll be due somewhere around 7 months from now, so March? Be sure to send your love and support!!

Lastly is the dreaded potty training. (Dun Dun DUUUUUUUUHNNNN)
Many of you may know that Monk uses the big-girl potty intermittently, so a bit ago we decided to pursue some full-time potty-age. I had heard from a good friend that when they are ready, you can put big girl panties on a toddler, and after the first accident they figure it out on their own.

We went through 4 pairs of big girl undies in 15 minutes!

We love you all very much!
Those Crazy Evans's

Thursday, July 8, 2010

News Flash!!

As of today, we have a walkin' Mini!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh my, what a long time it't been!

As glorious as it is, this is the only picture I've to show for myself in the past month! There has been an hive of activity for the Evans' a-happenin!

Honestly, I'd say the deficit in pictures is equal to the surplus of maniacal behavior of those two crazy Monkeys of mine. Violet is every day getting closer to walking, and more frustrated as time passes. Monk on the other had has figured out how to pick Mini up (a biiig No-No) and really likes to hug and kiss her.

Also, we've been swimming a lot, and have recently aquired a new Dee-Luxe Baby Boat for Mini, complete with back rest. Monk is reliant on floaties, but makes a fine time of putting around the pool with them on.

Aside from that, and Jay's 27th birthday, we've been self-sustained. Got to (finally) inaugurate Chelsea and Chris's wedding with a lovely feast, high five Emma a bit, and hide from the 95 degree + days.

I promise to be more diligent in my photographic quest soon!

Mamma Llama Ding Dong